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Litesheet is a state of the art LED lighting company that combines innovation and technology to deliver the most efficient and sustainable lighting solutions on the market.


Although Litesheet had engineered highly effective products, they were still relatively unknown in the broader lighting industry. They also didn’t have the budget to go head to head with huge competitors.  They needed a creative solution to heighten awareness and they needed the idea quickly so that it could be launched during one of their largest industry tradeshows.   


By fielding both a quantitative and qualitative study, we were able to use the results from that research to inform our creation of a new visual identity for their tradeshow presence.  We also came up with a concept to drive traffic to their booth by creating a virtual reality tour of some of their marquis lighting projects throughout the country. We created the VR reel and presented it at their booth.  In addition, we gave away free Google cardboard headsets so visitors could take them to view at home. As a result, we were able to more than quadruple visits to their booth compared to previous tradeshows.

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