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The Tangelo Story

In the exciting chaos of midtown Manhattan, two like-minded women met and bonded over work, a love of animals, and red wine. We dreamed about starting a new type of agency where the client always comes first, budgets don't zap creativity, and b.s. doesn’t get in the way of getting the job done. Still, the timing wasn't right, and we continued on our own career paths, remaining close friends and collaborating on projects. Kate started a branding business, and Patricia went on to run sales and marketing at digital advertising companies.

Fast-forward to 2016. With an insatiable creative passion, a wealth of industry knowledge, and a clear vision, we knew the time was right to start Tangelo Media. Little did we know that our first meeting in New York would be just the beginning of a lifelong friendship, a creative collaboration, and a successful business venture. And the story doesn’t end here—we're just getting started!

In this world of “me first,” where everyone wants to stand out and be noticed – we prefer to put our clients in the spotlight.

The Tangelo Immediate Family
We have lots of cousins too!


Patricia Neuray

Patricia Neuray has over 20 years of experience in marketing and sales strategy.  Patricia has managed large teams at companies like Monster Worldwide,, and Yahoo where she was responsible for over $300 million in revenue. She has also developed sales and marketing strategies for many diverse product offerings such as SAAS, consulting services, behavioral advertising, and customized content.  Patricia also ran her own consulting practice called Advolution, which helped start-ups develop their digital strategy.  Prior to starting Tangelo Media, Patricia was the global vice president of sales for TrustArc.


Kate Jordan

Kate Jordan has developed branding and marketing for small- to mid-sized businesses, Fortune 100 companies, ad agencies and non-profit organizations for 20 years.  As an award-winning creative director, she is experienced in all aspects of communications and marketing strategy and development across digital and print channels. She has worked closely with clients creating new and coordinating existing brand identities and style guides for a wide range of industries with worldwide offices. She has simultaneously developed fresh marketing approaches for smaller companies across the country to successfully reach their B2B or B2C markets.

Jonas Fernandes.jpg


Jonas Fernandes

Jonas Fernandes is the lead full-stack web developer and technology director at Tangelo. He combines 12 years of work experience with a dedication to developing and implementing creative solutions to complex web application challenges. He optimizes his knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Ruby on Rails, and many more languages and frameworks to create innovative apps and incredible websites.  Jonas always works to ensure the success of all online and digital needs for Tangelo clients.

“I believe that it's important to pay it forward. The smallest thing can make a difference. Whether it is giving a few dollars to a charity, fostering a homeless animal or letting someone check out before you in the supermarket, these small acts of kindness make us better human beings.”

– Patricia Neuray - Partner, Tangelo-Media

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