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Listening carefully to our clients is the first step – always.

We listen. So we can understand a client's challenges and what they want to achieve.

Then we get to work. 

Brand Strategy

Branding is more than a logo, cool fonts, and a pretty color palette. Branding is your organization’s identity. It’s the personality, the voice, and the soul. Tangelo believes it should represent what your company is now and drive it towards the future. We maximize your brand's voice to enable it to get heard in a crowded market.

Brand Strategy  |  Brand Architecture  |  Verbal Identity  |  Visual Identity  |  Brand Guidelines  |  Creative Realization

Digital and Offline Marketing 

Digital marketing has become complicated. Programmatic, cross-device, new mediums, influencers, cookie-less tracking. It's hard to keep up and even harder to make sure that you are getting what you pay for. Tangelo helps you navigate these rough waters. And just so we don't forget. There are still offline channels that work as well.

Marketing Strategy  |  Campaign Development  |  Content and Visual Creation  |  Collateral Implementation

Content Marketing

Original and creative content amplifies your unique message. It establishes you as a thought leader, enables you to offer personalized insights, and sets the tone for your organization's values. It offers another opportunity to engage your audience and ensure that your brand voice is consistently reinforced.

Campaign Development  |  Blogs  |  Microblogs |  Whitepapers  |  Infographics  |  Articles  |  Videos

Social Media and Comms

Social communication doesn’t mean just cute videos and clever soundbites. It’s a way to showcase your brand in a new light and to a broader audience. It’s a two-way conversation that involves more than just speaking about yourself. It’s about highlighting things that matter most to your audience.

Digital Media Strategy  |  Social Campaigns  |  Content Development  |  Visual Design  |  Press Releases

Website Development

75% of consumers judge a company based on its website design. Your messaging and visual identity must captivate your audience and provide useful and relevant information that shows how your business can solve their challenges. And your brand message needs to resonate so they remember who you are and what you stand for.

Architecture Strategy  |  UX   |  Content Development  |  Visual Design  |  Programming  |  SEO  |  Copywriting

“Choosing Tangelo to rebrand our company’s look and feel was a critical move in our mission to stand out in a crowded field. Their unique sense of strategy, brand design and depth of experience were key elements in taking our company forward. They are quick to understand our needs and have become an invaluable member of our team.”

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Every Client Gets Our Undivided Attention. Every Single Time.

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