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  • Patricia Neuray

Marketing a "Lokal" Travel winner

Socially conscious travel takes off

The winner of the first-ever Ripen Your Impact! Contest designs trips that will keep on giving long after travelers have returned home.

RipeDaily Media held its first Ripen Your Impact! Contest, and we were amazed at the number of deserving entrants. But one,, stood out.

The contest was an opportunity for mission-driven companies to highlight how social responsibility has become a driving force behind their organizations. From the way they hire and compensate employees, to how they treat the environment, customers and suppliers, all of the participating companies have been setting an important standard in business ethics.

Lokal’s technology platform allows people to book authentic travel experiences in Latin America and Asia, supporting local communities in the process. According to the UN, as little as 5% of international travel spending actually reaches residents. With, the majority of tourism revenue goes directly to communities, helping preserve their culture and protect the environment. “We really loved their mission of helping conscious consumers experience local life and leave a positive impact on the places they visit,” said Joe Waters, founder of, who along with Alexander McCobin, Co-CEO Conscious Capitalism, was a RipeDaily Media contest judge.

As the winner, Lokal will receive a comprehensive brand and marketing strategy, which will help it promote its unique offerings to travelers eager to connect meaningfully with the people and places they visit. And as Lokal’s business continues to expand, the company will be able to help even more destinations use tourism to enrich their communities while delivering on its socially and environmentally responsible ethos.

As it turns out, RipeDaily Media isn’t the only contest in town. Lokal is giving away an epic, 8-day sustainable adventure to Costa Rica + $1,000 in prizes!!! Enter to win here:

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