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  • Patricia Neuray

The Business of Purpose

Part two of a five part series.

As I sat in L.A. traffic earlier today trying to focus on something outside of my frustration, I began thinking again about why so many companies in this area are combining their business with purpose. It’s definitely not the traffic that brings out the best in people, so maybe it’s a sunny weather enthusiasm driving this forward.

But, regardless of the geography, people still want to bring more meaning into their lives. So it makes sense to marry work and social activism. This week I am profiling two more companies that are focused on making a difference in their own unique way.

The first company is Causecast. In full disclosure, the CEO and founder, Ryan Scott, is on the RipeDaily Network Advisory Board. Ryan started his company “with a belief that businesses can and must be a force for doing good.” Causecast provides giving and volunteering technology solutions that help companies engage their employees and reach the highest level of social impact. They have a goal of creating long lasting change by providing easy-to-use tools to allow employees to work alongside one another in giving and volunteering activities. Studies show that when employees engage together with a common goal, the end result is better for people, business and the community. Causecast’s clients range from SMBs to Fortune 500’s but regardless of size, they have all seen the value of giving back and the benefit that can bring to their bottom line.

The second company, All Good Products, was founded by Caroline Durell. She started the company with a clear vision — to live, and inspire others to live, in balance with nature. Her company makes organic skincare products such as healing body lotions, sunscreens and lip balms that use natural botanical ingredients. Caroline believes that when we take care of our habitat, the plants can in turn take care of us. All Good Products also is a triple bottom line business and they measure their success by environmental, social and economic vitality. They directly support environmental restoration and education projects through their partnership with 1% For the Planet. Caroline has set up shop in a picturesque town on the central coast where she and her employees are surrounded by the beautiful herbs and flowers that are also the ingredients in her products.

So while Causecast and All Good Products have very different business models, they have one important thing in common: Both companies were started with the mission to be a force for good, while at the same time building profitable businesses. These companies inspire me to give back and I hope they inspire you as well.

Next week, I will be moving East to highlight a few more of the many businesses that are putting their business where their heart is.

Please contact me if you have ideas for companies that would be a good fit for this series at

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